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Zaaz Machine

What is it?

A Zaaz Machine is a Whole Body Vibration machine that supports a broad range of health and fitness goals. Essentially, it causes your muscles to expand and contract as you would with moderate to High-intensity exercise while still being low impact. ZAAZ’s patented whole body vibration machine utilizes a low-impact, vibration plate to produce up to 30 involuntary reflexes per second, activating over 90% of all muscle groups in the human body at once. With almost no stress on the joints, ligaments or tendons compared to other forms of resistance training, the result is more benefit in less time.

Why Use ZAAZ Machines?

Using a Zaaz Machine allows you to see the results of higher intensity and more long term exercise in a shorter amount of time and with less negative impact on your body. Zaaz helps with Circulation, Conditioning, Weight Management, and Pain Management.

How Does this work?

ZAAZ’s Whole Body Vibration machines gently and powerfully engage the muscles, joints, lymph and circulatory systems of the entire body, making ZAAZing an activity for truly Any Body and EVERYBODY. When you purchase a ZAAZ machine, you join a community with a wide range of needs, united by the many benefits of WBV (Whole Body Vibration).

What To Expect

When using our Zaaz Machines you can be sure to have a knowledgeable staff member explain how the Zaaz Machine works, a distraction free environment, and access to our Full Tea Bar to refresh after your workout

Book Your Zaaz Machine Time Slot

For the Zaaz Machine, although there is no need to make an appointment, it is recommended that you reserve a time slot to guarantee availability.