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Colon Hydrotherapy

Cleanse 5-18 Lbs of waste from your system while detoxifying and hydrating your body. Improves your overall health. To book this appointment please call: 209-650-6330

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Detox and Revitalize your entire body in under an hour. Supports joint health, liver detoxification and more.

Infrared Sauna

Burn up to 800 Calories with a 45 Min session, all while enjoying a healthy sweat. Supports Weight loss, Relieves Muscle Pain, and more.

ALCAT Intolerance Test

Test food sensitivities for over 450 unique foods, medicines, preservatives and more. Additional Tests offered.

Ear Candling

An extremely relaxing experience removes built up wax from the ears. Supports Relieving Vertigo, Ringing in the ears, Allergies, and more. To book this appointment please call: 209-650-6330

Zaaz Machine Session

The machine vibrates your entire body, stimulates the lymphatic system, helps with depression, reduces osteoporosis and more.