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Ear Candling

What is it?

Ear Candling is a wellness service that removes built up wax from the ears, improves Vertigo, reduces the ringing of the ears, allergies, and chronic ear infections. (By Appointment Only.)

Why Ear Candling?

Ear candling has been widely believed to remove ear wax and built up toxins from the ears. By removing excess ear wax and built up toxins you can experience a comfortable release of nasal pressure, help relieve allergy symptoms, relieve stress, and help aid in thinking clearly/contribute to emotional wellbeing.

How Does this work?

Ear candling works by a professional inserting a long hollow cylindrical candle into the ear and lighting the candle. Heat from the candle causes a negative pressure throughout the hollow chamber of the candle. This pressure pulls excess ear wax and toxins upward through the shaft and out of your body.

What To Expect

When coming in for your Ear Candling Session you can expect our knowledgeable staff member to walk you through the process and create a positive and relaxing environment. After the built up wax and toxins are removed, you may feel clear headed, calm and experience health benefits.

Book Your Ear Candling Session

If you are interested in adding this service to your routine we offer package deals for multiple sessions. Contact us for details and Book your ear candling session today!


To book this appointment please call: 209-650-6330