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Detox Foot Bath

What is it?

Ionic Detoxing Foot Baths are relaxing sessions where your feet are placed in warm salted water, and sometimes essential oils, and then an ionic array is placed into the water to draw out toxins that have built up in your body.  Ionic Foot Baths are a relaxing way to help your body remove toxins, leading to increased joint health, liver cleansing and other health benefits.

Why Ionic Detoxing Foot Baths?

Ionic Foot Baths help detox and revitalize your entire body in under an hour. Toxins are drawn from your body through the 2000+ pores on the bottom of your feet. By removing the toxin build up in your system you can experience, better joint health, liver detoxification, enhanced sleep cycles, and more!

How Does this work?

Ionic Detoxing Foot Baths work by using warm salt water to help your body open the pores on the bottom of your feet and relaxing your muscles. Then, an ionic array gives the hydrogen in the water a positive charge. This charge is said to attract the negatively charged toxins within your body. Essentially, it’s believed that the water in an Ionic Detox Foot Bath attracts toxins from the open pores on your feet, like a magnet.

What To Expect

When coming in for your Ionic Detoxing Foot Bath our staff will greet you with a smile, offer you a seat in one of our luxury detox chairs, and prepare you for a quick and relaxing detox experience. A full menu for our in house Tea Bar is available to keep you refreshed while you cleanse.

Book Your Ionic Detoxing Foot Bath

While an appointment is not required it is recommended. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, and be ready to enjoy a fun, social detox experience. **Discounts are available for parties of 2 or more, call for pricing.**