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ALCAT Testing

What is it?

The ALCAT test or Antigen Leukocyte Antibody Test, is a test aimed at identifying adverse reactions to dietary substances (Food Allergies). Taking this test can help you identify what types of foods cause your body discomfort. Additional testing includes Gut Health, Hormone Imbalance, Vitamin D, and Adrenal Fatigue.

How Does this work?

The ALCAT test works by measuring your body’s reactions to food through the stimulation of Leukocytes (White Blood Cells). This can identify what types of foods or chemical extracts cause a reaction that will manifest as inflammation or other Immune System Imbalance Symptoms.

Why Request An ALCAT?

By requesting an ALCAT, you will receive in depth knowledge about your body’s sensitivities and be better able to avoid foods that cause uncomfortable symptoms.

What To Expect

Our knowledgeable professional will meet with you in a personalized consultation to get to know you and your habits. In this meeting, our professional will walk you through the ALCAT Testing process and collect samples to send to the ALCAT Lab for analysis. When the results are received a follow up will be made about your recommendations.

Book Your ALCAT Test Consultation

When booking your ALCAT Test Consultation, please know that this comprehensive test measures sensitivities to over 450 items, this may take time depending on your individual needs.