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About Us

My D-tox Lounge

Our mission is to provide a fun relaxing and educational environment where you will have all the support you need to live a healthier more abundant lifestyle. Somewhere where community is respected and where knowledge is power!

We pride ourselves on creating the most unique alternative wellness center you will ever see.

Whether you walk in for a service or simply come to grab a cup of tea, we are honored to have you as our guest and we welcome you anytime!

Health is the “True” key to Happiness!

Meet The Founder

With over 2 decades in the medical field and a decade

in alternative health, I have learned that wellness lives in the mind, body and spirit. Most eastern doctors only treat one aspect of our wellness, and unfortunately that will result in only a temporary solution to our problems. By treating the mind, body and spirit as one, we will experience a long term result. It’s only when we become out of balance that we begin to fall back into old habits and our old belief systems. The truth is that falling “out of balance” can and will allow for disease, pain & suffering to creep back into our lives. My MISSION is to remind people that we are all part of a bigger picture. It’s my job to show clients how to obtain a state of well-being through restoring balance in their lives and how we can do this though detoxing and with alternative medicine education.